Virgin Atlantic:
Enhancing an iconic
brand experience

The client
Virgin Atlantic is an iconic
international carrier, leading the
industry by continuously setting
new standards in service quality
and competitiveness through
innovative thinking and practice.

The challenge
In collaboration with Food People
consultancy, turn Virgin Atlantic’s
food service into an integral part
of their brand experience.

Our role
Define and clearly articulate the
new food service culture, creating a
set of comprehensive guidelines to
implement and cultivate that culture.

The solution
We turned the food service strategy
created by Food People into an engaging
and practical set of guidelines, covering
all cultural and technical aspects of the
new service including implementation and
operations. The guidelines were designed
as a practical tool working in synergy with
Vigin Airlines’; latest brand update.

The outcome
By enabling Vigin Airlines to transform
their food service, we have helped them
enhance their brand experience. This has
introduced a different way of thinking for
the whole industry, reinforcing the airline’s
position as one of the most responsive and
forward looking brands in its category.