The rise and rise
of a baker’s genius

The client
Popina is a contemporary
artisan bakery renowned for
quality and creativity.

The challenge
Launching a high-end baked goods
and confectionery range in a highly
evolved market is challenging enough,
but when that involves distinctive
artistic and culinary principles, it
becomes a task that even a leading
brand would find testing to the
extreme. Yet Popina, a grass-root
catering company, had the ambition
to do just that from a market stall
on Notting Hill’s Portobello Road.

Our role
Brand positioning, brand identity,
brand communications

The solution
Facing recessionary challenges, Popina
regrouped around its strong brand. The
branding was built on classical modernist
styling with a focus on products and
ingredients captured by a jewellery
photographer. The resulting contrast
between the stark design and rustic food
became the epitome of Popina’s brand
personality, embracing and celebrating
contradictions with thrilling results.

The outcomes
The confidence of Popina’s brand
immediately registered with the target
audience who were happy to try its
quirky recipes and be rewarded by
their extraordinary quality. Leading
quality retailers, such as Waitrose and
Whole Foods took note and started
stocking Popina products as well as
contracting them to produce their own
artisan ranges. A lavish book of Popina
recipes has now been published.