Olton: Unifying
internal culture to
communicate true
value behind the brand

The client
Olton is a corporate intelligence consultancy helping decision-makers and business leaders make better decisions by providing actionable opensourced intelligence information.

The challenge
Olton has faced persistent difficulty conveying
the value of its cutting edge product and converting meetings to business. This resulted
in sluggish growth, undermining their investors’ confidence and threatening the company’s survival.

Our role
Internal corporate review and analysis,
brand identity, communications strategy

The solution
Our in-depth look at Olton’s internal culture
revealed that the company had serious issues
dealing with the extent of its innovation.
The company comprised of two diverging
professional profiles - military intelligence
experts and software developers. Olton
needed to be unified for the business to
thrive. Our solution was to define the offer
in the simplest possible way and establish
it as the base of the brand culture. The
resulting brand framework provided a
focused narrative told with engaging
messaging and powerful visual language.

The outcomes
The internal response to the new brand
was incredible. The new communications
have been developed to appeal to
Olton professionals, transforming their
perceptions of the company’s value and
their role in delivering it. With the clarity
of message and stylistic consistency, the
new brand has generated an irreversible
cultural cohesion, an enormous boost in
confidence and a near immediate expansion
of client interest and conversions. Further
benefits include a significant reduction
in personnel turnover and an increase
in the quality of candidates applying.