iday: Helping
a breakthrough
service find its voice

The client
iday (interview day) by Engage
Education. A new system that allows
schools to meet and hire teachers
expertly selected to suit their specific
needs, all in a course of a single day.

The challenge
Teacher recruitment in the UK is
dominated by long established
practices and resistance to
change. The mission was to find
a way for iday to break through
and communicate the unparalleled
advantages of their offer.

Our role
Market appraisal, brand identity,
communications strategy.

The solution
To us the essence of this unique service
was the ’;can-do’; culture of the iday’s team
who deliver a virtually effortless client
experience. We positioned iday as the
very first service of its kind – spearheading
a revolution in teacher recruitment. We
established a bold personality of its
own – expressive and spirited in a way
that speaks both empathetically and
authoritatively to schools and teachers.

The outcome
The poise and confidence of the new
brand had an immediate impact on
the way the company was perceived
by both schools and teachers,
resulting in greater engagement and
sales. Previously seen as not entirely
credible and almost too good to be
true, iday now has a brand to match
its innovation and performance. Like
a cherry on top of the cake, its brand
now accurately projects the confidence
and character of this incredible
service and the team that delivers it.