Greenbrook: Creating
clear water between
an innovative start-up
and industry traditions

The client
Greenbrook is an innovative
public relations firm,with a focus
on the investment industry, offering a
proactive and dedicated service
to enable high profile organisations
to take control of complex
communication situations.

The challenge
The main objective was to position
Greenbrook differently - to counter
conventional industry practices
and offer a more proactive and
responsive approach enabling clients
to manage their reputations 24/7.

Our role
Market appraisal, brand identity,
communications strategy.

The solution
As a start-up, Greenbrook needed to leverage its
founder’s expertise for reputation management.
By examining the business’s purpose it was
clear Greenbrook’s depth of industry knowledge,
astute judgement and bespoke service culture
would be crucial in distinguishing them from
the competition. These assets were then amplified
together with the unique visual nature of their name.
The solution is a corporate identity based on
a recognisable visual metaphor that extends
into a distinctive brand style.

The outcomes
Launching with such a confident visual
style and clear purpose, Greenbrook
was able to quickly secure the signatures
of leading global clients and send
a clear signal to the industry at large
of being not just a significant new entrant,
but a key innovating force as well.