Dore: Empowering
a brand to keep
transforming lives

The client
Dore offers a revolutionary
physical exercise programme (drug
free) to help children and adults
overcome learning difficulties.

The challenge
Suffered receivership after financial
mismanagement, client mishandling
and leadership crisis. Dore
graduates bought the company out
of bankruptcy and embarked on
challenge to rebuild its reputation
for the benefit of future graduates,
their families and communities.

Our role
Situation analysis, turnaround
assistance, rebrand and restructuring
of communications strategy.

The solution
Identified a sound value proposition
supported by research and analysis.
A new positioning based on proven
positive outcomes, premise of life
transformation and offer of personal
empowerment. A fresh brand
expression captured that spirit in an
approachable yet refined aesthetic,
providing confidence and focus to
everyone involved from youngest
participant to the management.

The outcome
Positive impact of the new brand
was immediate. Sense of purpose
and service culture was transformed,
raising levels of employee pride,
service and quality. We created
new communications to focus on
positive results of the programme
rather then the disabling conditions
it aimed to alleviate, which reformed
opinion. The management re-engaged
with the media as well as making
direct efforts to promote Dore
benefits through regional community
events and graduate advocacy.