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Finding the story

In our experience a basis for a successful brand already exists inside
client organisations – core competences, expertise, processes,
methodologies, communications are all there but may be unfocused
and inconsistent. So instead of taking anything for granted we begin
by finding out what your people and customers really think about your
organisation. We ask questions, listen to stories, analyse products,
services and communications, the developed ones, the abandoned,
the loved, the unloved, old and new – we get to understand everything
there is to understand with as much intimate insight as we can get.

Knowing what ’it’ is

While gathering and analysing all that
information we use our experience and
methodology to uncover the authentic
value at the core of an organisation. And
then we focus it; distil what is unique about
your company and express it in a concise
brand positioning.

Framing it

We create an underlying narrative for your
brand, the content and ideas platform from
which your brand communicates with its
audiences. We carefully craft your offer
and value proposition, brand values and
personality, mission, vision, tone of voice
and key points of difference. All in a practical,
engaging tool capable of inspiring people.
We call it a brand framework.

Alive and kicking

With your brand framework established, we
focus on your communications. We come up
with a new name – if one is needed – we design
your logo and visual language, define its use
and crystallise your core messaging. Our aim
is to design a brand with immersive qualities,
experiential and rich in content, to ensure
engagement at every level of the organisation.





Brand new

Then we get you out there. We design and
write your website, collateral and anything
else you require in order to launch or re-launch
your brand. Following the launch, we provide
ongoing communications support, approaching
every strategic and tactical element, every touch
point with the same executive attention as the
brand creation itself.